Tri-State Plan Administration History & Mission

Our history began in 1987 when Laura Murrer founded Tri-State Plan Administration to provide high quality administration to meet the needs of small and medium-sized companies. These businesses had not been well served, even overlooked, by the one-size-fits-all approach of most administration firms and bundled providers.

Our mission ever since has been helping companies create custom plans to effectively save for retirement. With the increasing life expectancy of most Americans and the limited safety net of Social Security, most employers recognize that they and their employees need to take control of their retirement. For employers, sponsoring an attractive retirement plan is a good way to retain and reward long-term employees. For employees, working for an employer with an attractive plan is one of the most important steps to providing for their retirement.

At Tri-State Plan Administration, we recognize that each employer is unique and their reasons for establishing a plan vary – as does their workforce demographic, their products, their services, and their business cycles. TPA is an employer’s constant partner as the business evolves and the goals of its plan change over time. We work closely with every client to help them address the ever-changing needs and requirements of their plan and its administration.

Since compliance and nondiscrimination rules are far more challenging for closely-held businesses, issues like Top Heavy Testing, 410(b) coverage, Family Attribution and Nondiscrimination Testing are commonplace concerns for small businesses. For 25 years, Tri-State Plan Administration has helped companies navigate this maze of federal rules and regulations. With good design and administration, many of these issues can be addressed, or even eliminated.